Brent Groves

Owner / Photographer

When I was just a young boy, my Pawpaw would save all his National Geographic magazines for me.  I would read them cover to cover, even the photo captions and ads.  Those magical color photographs invited me to see exotic and strange places.  Thus began my love affair with photography.  Dad gave me my first camera for my birthday and I was hooked.  Back in the day, it was Kodachrome slides.  Oh how I miss Kodachrome.

Studying Art and Photography for a time in college, I learned black and white processing and print making.  Joining the local Professional Photograpers of America affiliate, the benefits of mentoring with several talented pros of the day became indispensable.  My passion turned into a business.  Wedding, portraits, food, and small product catalogs became my staple.

Then the oil crash of  ‘87 hit Texas.  Men who had studios for 30 years lost them.  I was forced to look elsewhere for sustenance.  I landed in computers, doing both mainframes and the then burgeoning PC field.

Fast forward to the 21st century.  My sons were very active in high school sports so I got a camcorder.  Of course that gave way to digital 35mm and other parents soon wanted their children photographed.  Well, here I am evolving still.

 Contemporary fine art portraits are my thing.  Bringing joy to you by way of my photography is my passion.

Next Steps...

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