Classic Portraits

Classical contemporary portraits in black and white or color.  Elegant, rich images of you or your loved ones, designed to show the real you.  A portrait is more than just capturing an image with an expensive camera.  It must capture your inner beauty, telling the story of who you are.

Fantasy / Fine Art Portraits

French impressionist, painterly, grunge or surreal,  a look that will wow anyone that sees it.  A work of art featuring you!

Want to be a character in a book?  A movie?  Just be artistic?  A Fantasy Encounter is for you!

Headshots / Branding

Show off the professional you.  Build a brand your clients can trust.  A timeless image of you they can appreciate as the face of your business.  When they think of your product or service, you want them to see you.

Portraits are Important

I have heard it a thousand times if once,  “I don’t take good pictures.” or “I’m so ugly I’ll break your camera!”

To put it simply, statements like that are why having professional portraits are important.  You are important.  Important enough to have a portrait done for your loved ones to have and see what you looked like in 2019, or 2025.  Not a simple snapshot of your likeness as recorded by a machine, but a carefully crafted image that reflects who you are.

You see, you don’t have to take good pictures, I have to create good portraits.  A portrait captures your inner beauty shining out for the world to see.

For this reason, all portrait commissions start with a face to face meeting prior to the day of your photo session.  I cannot capture the real you unless I get to know you a little bit.  Plan on spending an hour.  I want you to be comfortable, knowing I am here to walk you through the entire process.  Click here for some guidelines for our first meeting. 


Next Steps...

Set up a face to face meeting to discuss a portrait for yourself or a loved one.  Click the button to contact me.